About Bruce Proctor

I love exploring and photographing the desert Southwest. I take several trips a year in my sturdy truck to remote areas, half-terrified and completely-exhilerated by adventures that crop up. I make and sell fine art color prints of my work.

Over the past year I’ve almost made the switch from a traditional darkroom to a digital one. (Figuring out how to blog here is the current step.)

Since 1995 I’ve suffered from CFS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which has been a great adjustment, and a great teacher.

In the past I have been a rock musician, machinist, Zen practitioner, English teacher. It’s been a great ride!

2010 update: I now live in Maine and am working on another book project: “A Year at Birch Point: Photographs from Coastal Maine”



  1. WOW~you have had many careers. I am currently a Kindergarten teacher.

  2. Hi Bruce,

    I’m just a random browser and found your blog after hearing about Robert Butts’ passing. I too have gotten so much out of reading and re reading Seth material. Incredible things. I was a member of a Seth forum but dropped out of it, not having the aptitude for that style of communication. But I did enjoy my exchanges there. Personally, I’m taking hold of my reality, speck by speck, and trying to direct the “traffic” of my existence here and now. I know I’m operating shy of potential(s) and realizing my options to do whatever I will with that. Peace to you — A

  3. It’s been at least 10 years since I’ve seen your face, old friend. I found your list of hopes made me a bit sad. All those unfinished journeys . . . It is inspiring also as you have a list to check your progress while I content my self with living in the present in harmony with nature (seeds ‘R’ us). My ‘list’ floats across my desk on small pieces of paper, cards, etc. that submerge into a Sargasso Sea of paper. I lose ideas for years. They always return and I am amazed and inspired to work on the newly risen only to have it descend again into the deep. It seems we are still quite alike, Bruce. As an editor I am forced to report that you have a misspelling in your 1st paragraph adjacent to the unnecessary hyphen. I’d be willing to edit your copy anytime gratis.

  4. Hi Bruce, I was at dinner last evening and Mimi Levitt happened to be there. We were reminiscing and thinking of you and it reminded me that I haven’t heard from you since you left Utah. I’d love to hear from you, please drop me a line if you could to tell me where you are. Mimi sends her regards if I am able to get in touch with you. All the best, Susette

    • Hey Susette,

      Nice to hear from you. Say hi to Mimi the next time you see her. This reminds me I need to post my new address on this blog. I’m now at

      13 Mallard Dr.
      W. Bath ME 04530

      I do miss canyon country! All my best,

  5. Bruce! Long time no see! The Frida exhibit is at the library tonight and I’m going to see it with my daughter, Shannon. She is getter her Master’s in Humanities at the Y. –Steve Dame

  6. Looks like Utah has lost a great artist!
    But with your photos and blog, you’re
    still here in spirit, Bruce! I wish you well
    and hope you are in good health.

  7. Have you ever been to Voorheesville?
    CL Severinghaus

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