Posted by: Bruce Proctor | March 25, 2017

Dream of the Elephant God

Dream. I’ve been invited to the house of a couple in their late 30’s in Salt Lake City for an informal spiritual get-together. They have each written their own book on their takes on spirituality/well-being. They are beautiful, energetic, competitive: which book will prove the better spirituality? Spas, diet, spiritual retreats.

I am looking at the woman’s book. Its author photo in the back shows the author naked, spreadeagled, inviting. Some odd spirituality!

Then others arrive, a couple from India, in gorgeous Indian traditional garb. I’m lounging in the adjacent back room. The couple come in and recline beside me, the man throwing his arm across my chest in his gorgeous costume. Is he a prince? Such casual intimacy. I find myself holding him bit by bit, and he is welcoming that. Nothing sexual, just human warmth and love. I find it immensely comforting–maybe because it’s so rare.

In the front room there is now an Indian god idol, an elephant, lavishly, lovingly festooned, costumed, with intricate inlays of jewels, ivory. I realize that this god is a personification of the Indian couple’s inner selves and that each precious adornment is a loving, creative act manifesting their own inner perfection.

The host owners have a daughter, maybe nine years old, blonde, lively, and innocent– that they have raised in the most unusual manner, I assume, because: I’m lying down in the back room. She comes up to me and asks if she can “swap mouth liquids” with me. I say, “Certainly not, but you may pass me a Kleenex.” Later she expectorates into a basin and a great volume of orange juice gushes forth. Later the Indian man comes in and expectorates his own quart of orange juice! Is this some purification ritual?

The girl is most forthcoming to me, entirely at ease with herself, and, although not directly sexual, I realize would welcome sex with someone she likes–even me–even at such a young age. Such maturity, to do that in such openness and awareness at such an age!

On the kitchen table I notice a little creature, in translucent colors, like a gummy bear, but dazzling, two inches tall, moving and dancing about. I call attention to it, and realize now this whole evening has been a dream!  –which startles me so much that I wake up. The girl says, “Oh, that’s such a pity! By coming awake, you’ve lost the power you would have had by waking up in the dream.”


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