Posted by: Bruce Proctor | March 6, 2017

Dream: Movie of the Aztec Egg

I’m watching a movie on DVD with a couple friends.

In the opening scene, early morning on the shadow side of an Aztec pyramid,  we see at its top the silhouette of a warrior in full traditional regalia. He trips quickly down the stairs with white sparks trailing his feet. The sparks–or whatever they are–are white and round, cartoonish, and totally out of character for the scene. I think they must be lame special effects, but actually it’s not clear if the warrior is in control of his descent or falling, and I wonder if the “sparks” might actually be cushioning or carrying him on his way down.

He gets partway down when up at the top appears a monster with a huge, raging head, like a Chinese dragon. It plunges right down like a great slug, long and rippling (no legs or wings). We now see that the warrior is cradling in his armor, with great care, a large, white egg still covered with mucous. As the monster plummets past the warrior, it snatches the egg, and surges to the ground and to our left. Our last sight is a glimpse of the egg, nestled lovingly in a snarl of its mighty lips.


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