Posted by: Bruce Proctor | February 9, 2017

Dream: “The Sikh offers me a gift”

The party was still going on in the house. I stepped out of my room to go to the bathroom. I was passed by a Sikh dressed in full regalia: lots of color, a short vest, silk pantaloons, a short, fez-like cap. He was an older gentleman, salt and pepper beard and hair, a face of great character. He went directly into my room. I turned to inform him of his mistake, but he, in no uncertain terms, shut the door in my face. I followed him in. He was fiddling around in my refrigerator and turned to me with a huge smile, holding in his left arm a heaping still-steaming platter–must have been cooked in the house–while with his right hand the other, thrust out to me a huge, piping hot, chocolate chip cookie!


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