Posted by: Bruce Proctor | August 29, 2016

My Artist’s Statement for a curator’s visit

In a few days I will be showing my photographic work to Curator Bruce Brown, so I’ve been preparing for his visit. I will be showing photographs from the Junkyard Series (including the Bath parking lot group); the desert Southwest, where I lived for eighteen years; and more recently, photographs from coastal Maine, where I live now.

I’ve been preparing a package of materials for Bruce Brown to take with him, especially almost 150 large-ish proofs from all these bodies of work, which I finished to great satisfaction this afternoon. I think they look great. One can only hope that others will share my enthusiasm.

Now to the less glamorous work of preparing the necessary paperwork to accompany the images. Resume, Artist’s Statement, an explanation of my illness as it impacts my work, some of my text for these book projects.

Anyway, here’s my artist’s statement

Artist’s Statement

I make color photographs in three main bodies of work (and several less-developed ones, which bear discussion elsewhere). My three main bodies of work are photographs from coastal Maine, the desert Southwest, and the Junkyard series. All are concerned with the discovery of unexpected beauty. My work is often characterized by its abstraction, delicate colors, and indirect light. I print the work myself, at one time in a traditional color darkroom, and now, digitally.

I seek to photograph the magical beauty of the world. Unlike paintings, a photograph can be evidence that this magic is real, and not simply a romantic myth or a personal misperception. As such, I use no special tricks or techniques. What I do, is seek to see beyond visual habit into the living heart of things. This uncharted realm contains wonderful, sometimes astonishing surprises. It is where the vitality which refreshes, enlivens, and supports the world exists.

The frame, the rectangle, creates the discipline. Within that frame wildness finds order, the energy held–if barely, sometimes. It is not unusual for me, in the slightly altered (and wonderful) state of mind within which I work, to begin finding photographs one after another, possibilities I’d never seen or imagined, blossoming everywhere around me. It is a blessed thing. Sometimes even the light or weather seems to help me out.

I seek a loving resonance with the seen world, and as my intimacy with it deepens, the resonance deepens. Hopefully, the photographs resonate with this energy for the viewer.





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