Posted by: Bruce Proctor | July 27, 2016

Bath Parking Lot Photos, #6, and applying David Hockney’s idea to the bunch of them












If I were to exhibit these, I’d sequence a number of these so they were paired on top of each other, framed together in one frame. My interest in such a case is not just the single image, but how they inter-relate. Imagine how much they would bounce back and forth, talking to each other!

One rap on photographs, made by the painter David Hockney in the Sixties, was that, unlike a great painting, a photograph will not hold the viewer’s attention for long. He went on to experiment with large numbers of Polaroids which overlapped into one scene. He was widely ridiculed by photographers at the time. I think, however, that he was onto something.

Some of the photographs in this group invite sustained attention. But if you put them in active visual relationship with each other–say in this blog, in an informal way–or in an exhibition space, imagine the possible permutations! It might give you a headache. Or maybe something better.




  1. Bruce, well done. These are indeed stunning …… great eye.

    Bruce Kaminski

    • Thanks so much, Bruce, for checking out the work. I thought you’d like it. Who’d have thought so much great stuff was there, hiding in plain sight all these years?!

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