Posted by: Bruce Proctor | July 19, 2016

My “Magical” Album. Why “Magical”?

Two years ago now, at the continued insistence of friends, I finally dragged myself down to a local club to perform on their Open Mike set. I say “dragged” because I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and simply the act of getting my gear together, driving six miles, finding the club, bringing the gear inside–each act I counted as a real victory.

When I performed, except for the band, whose sound system I was now using, the place seemed about deserted.

A day or two later, when I appeared at my local Y pool for my usual workout, there was an unaccustomed electricity in the air. People whispered, got together. A friend I hadn’t seen in a long time came up to me at my lane, shook my hand, said,”I hear you were on stage this weekend. I play a little guitar. How about we get up together some time and play?”

After my workout, I popped into the hot tub, and recognized a pretty young woman there who’d been at the performance.  As it was, she was the wife of the Shy Green bass player. I said to her, “I want you to tell me in all honesty how I did up there on stage.” She thought a minute and said, “I was there with my best girl friend. And all she could say afterward was, ‘Magical! Just magical!'” Thus “The Magical Album.”

I told this gal: “I doubt in my lifetime I could ever get a better review than that!”

The five songs I performed that day were all from this album of all-original songs. I self-recorded it, so it’s far from being what I’d like it to be, but at a certain point I gave copies to about a dozen friends I thought would appreciate it. To my pleasure, three of them say whenever they’re in their car, it’s playing.

That’s what passes for fame for me these days, and it’s fine by me.




  1. Hi Bruce – is your album available on iTunes or somewhere else?

    • Hey Per, great to hear from you! I hope you and yours are doing great! I’m not offering my CD on any sites at this time, but if you’ll send me a check for $20 to cover everything I’ll send you one.
      My address is Bruce Proctor, 13 Mallard Dr., W.Bath Maine 04530. How are you guys? All my best!

  2. Magic. What a great review, you’re right. I hope you get out and perform more often.

    • I’m scheduled to perform next month outdoors in Brunswick with Dave Bullard and friends. I’ll keep you posted as to exact time and place.

      • Fabulous! I have an artist friend who lives in the Bath area and I will see if she can go hear you…Good to hear your voice on here.

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