Posted by: Bruce Proctor | June 21, 2016

Bruce’s journal 5-23-16: Binders Project and Navajo Woman

5-23-16 Monday 5:30 a.m.

The first bird songs are braiding toward the coming sun. The rest of the world is holding its breath.

Returning to the PC, I rediscover an inconvenient truth: I have two copies of “My Real Documents,” one in the PC itself, and the original in the Elements external HD. What’s created a snarl is that I utterly forgot there are two of them, and sometimes I’ll save a document in one and not the other or vice versa without knowing it, so things get lost. I bit the bullet and spent an hour or two checking them side by side, then deleting folders one by one on the PC so that at the end now I have only the original plus a number of newer files retrieved from the PC copy. Mind-numbing. And the concurrent realization that the remaining folders need much more culling. Many of them go back, unused, ten years or more and are basically unknown quantities. I got a lot of dead wood out the first go round. Maybe an hour or two more to set things right.

Navajo Woman noted that my whole organization project is actually my equivalent of bad karma: that I created messes in the past that haven’t at all gone away, but rather have dogged me, so that now I am becoming aware of the consequences and have had to go back and really take care of them.

The freedom, release, I feel afterward.

[The Binders Project has been a months-long project to finally be able to find and organize all my creative work, including photography, writings, and music. The headaches of repeated unpleasant surprises has finally made me knuckle down to this once and for all.]


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