Posted by: Bruce Proctor | June 5, 2016

Trump’s totem animal?

A couple days back, I happened to see a photo of the Trump family in their penthouse apartment overlooking Manhattan. Trump was there, his wife, and a boy sitting astride a stuffed, standing lion. At the sight of the lion a shudder of recognition shot through me.

I pulled out my last journal and went leafing back through the pages. This is what I sought:

Dated a day or two before 3-20-2016

“I looked to see Donald Trump’s inner character.

“Instantly the magnified, full-frontal face of a roaring lion, dark and filled with rage, lunging right into my face. After a bit the color shifted to a more golden hue.

“I was completely shocked, taken aback by that instant of untethered ferocity. No civilization here, no cultivation hid or mitigated this beast.

“Also, the immediacy of my perception admitted of no equivocation at my end. I had not expected something so primordial and stark, so it doesn’t feel like my projection, but a bona fide experience.”

A bit of context here. I have experimented with psychic contact all my adult life. Calling it “psychic” is a little hifallutin’ for me, as it seems pretty simple in the end. I just think of someone and intend to make contact and something always comes up. Rarely is it exciting, although often interesting and insightful. Or possibly insightful. I regard the results with a certain skepticism, as grist for the mill. As I regard this occurrence. Skepticism and also, not de-tachment, so much as un-attachment: I don’t want my response in any way coloring what I receive.

A bit more. What I get does depend what I’m looking for. For instance, if it’s a medical diagnosis, I expect something related to that and that’s what I’ll get. If it’s William Blake, I want to see what he’s up to. In this case, I was simply looking into the character of the man.

What was striking, here, was the immediacy and drama of what happened, unique in my, admittedly limited, experience. I expected something more cultured, I think. But as events have played out since then, it has seemed more and more accurate to me.

For what it’s worth.



  1. Very interesting observation. I wonder what Hillary and Bernie’s totems are. When I think of lion I think of Aslan, and the Lion of the tribe of Judah and the roaring lion walking about seeking whom he may devour.

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