Posted by: Bruce Proctor | May 26, 2016

The Small Gray Book: Introduction

This is a journal I kept over the past few years, with a vague but somehow clear sense that it should be its own entity separate from my ongoing journal. I believe I got the idea from a book edited by Linda Bierds, maybe, of an anthology of selections from notebooks kept by contemporary American poets. Most of those selections weren’t particularly interesting to me, but that of Jim Harrison was thrilling, more thrilling than any of his published work I’ve read.

The Small Gray Book evolved over time to mainly quoting from my reading, phrases or sentences which struck me as somehow remarkable, even unbelievable. It also included word plays of my own, the odd aphorism, even little poems. I loved the freedom of mixing my own words with those from others and not distinguishing between them. I realized at some point that it had become something of a poem in its own right, all reflecting my own interests and choices. And fun!



  1. I enjoyed reading these post. They give a good picture into your life and thoughts. Thank you for sending How the Light Gets In. It came at a good time and was very generous of you to think of me.

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