Posted by: Bruce Proctor | September 30, 2014

Small Gray Book, pages 77, 76, 75

page 77

how beautiful this brief play is, even though I had read it twenty times, in manuscript and proof.

Navajo Kinship and Marriage points the way to an integrated understanding of art, language, and culture.

the descriptive surfaces of Bishop’s poems yield in fact–through shifting scales and perspectives– to dark,     abiding mysteries.

characterized the course of his career as the transformation of a self into a soul.

broadened from the minimal to the mystified.

I have canceled in proof a page or so of happy suggestions which led nowhere.

this transliteration, accordingly, would be, on this assumption, an explanatory equivalent of the transliterated     Latin.

page 76

isolated magic pictures, developing into magic patterns

attempt to read the enigma, to explicate the difficulty

somewhat of an/ enigma, a difficult/ poet, a critic’s poet

the history of a reputation

by a dialectical and cumulative process finally arrive at what seems like sensible and perceptive estimates suggest possibilities for further investigation.

a mere bonbon for the lazily sentimental.

the style will necessarily fall into formlessness without the discipline of something more rigid than hedonism.

slushy snowdrifts too mountainous for taxis?

page 75

the gradual change from the splendor of barbarism to the fascinating and moving complexity of civilization.

a somewhat glib account which is currently out of print

Kierkegaard, a man for whom existence is always in question.

the Search: its extraordinary epiphany in the middle of everyday life.

went up to Balliol College, Oxford, with an exhibition

either derivative or abortive

the unnoticed miracle of things precisely as they are.


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