Posted by: Bruce Proctor | September 30, 2014

Small Gray Book, pages 71 through 68

page 71

the grand old man of the avant-garde of the preceding century

intriguing if incomplete. The suggestions here are admittedly speculative, so caution is advised.

the “g” is silent, the “o” is long.

professing certain values and making life choices

twisting, flipping, changing, rejecting, denying and the like

the laughter of a sequoia or a whale.

the slaughter of a sequoia or a whale.

deeply infused with the tragic beauty of the mountain tradition.

somewhat in awe of them at this time and out of lack of confidence in himself

a host of clouded intangibles

page 70

from deep within the self, to make something empathetic that addresses the architecture of our spirituality.

important friends at this time included a private art dealer who periodically purchased works from Scully when     the latter was struggling for funds, and a collector who gave the artist a monthly stipend for three     years in exchange for works of art of his choice.

a time which celebrates fame, success, stupidity, convenience, and noise

a trunk which might never have been opened.

deconstructionists began to apply their sledgehammers to the conceptual edifice that sheltered our Cartesian     sense of personal identity.

the assumptions that language has the power to mean.

anything but a unified “I”.

page 69

a world at once enchanted and real, sharing adventures and dreams.

God represents order and fairness, everything that depends on rules is attributed to Him.

Fairies are likely to be associated with the pleasant surprises in life, magicians with tricks and mischief.

getting lost in an endless sea of type

light in the form of beams, balls, sparks, or simply a flood

the artist’s ability to suggest new metaphors within the guidelines of comprehension

this quality that art possesses of being subjective and universal at the same time.

theoretical, heretical, theatrical

honesty and integrity in expression is to appeal to the romantic category.

page 68

since they cannot happen, they don’t happen; damn the evidence, case closed.

statistical probability of coincidental knowledge nil.

based on the senses, but informed by spirit.

I regarded the woman as a pleasant old creature because she had such lovely delusions and said interesting things.

uncanny ambition, legendary life, and enduring work.

the nervous, overweight son of a kindly, alcohol-dependent, lumber mill worker

unemployment, drinking, marital trauma, divorce, troubled children, and suburban malaise.

enjoy the full measure of their success.


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