Posted by: Bruce Proctor | December 2, 2012

Note to Rob Sheppard @

Posted on his web site:


I picked up a copy of your “Landscape and Nature Photography (with CS2!)” 2 years ago, used, out of date, because it mentioned double-processing DNG’s. It turned out this book changed my photographic life (I’ve been photographing for 30 years, and a pro color and B&W darkroom printer). Not about double-processing, but your use of Layers in Pshop. 100 pages in, pretty familiar stuff. Then your discussion of layers, and the light went on in my head. I finally saw how to make Photoshop come alive for me. All the Pshop tools I’d learned now had a sensible, coherent framework to hang them on. A life changer for me, really, since photography is a huge part of my life. It opened up digital photography for me.

I very much appreciate, too, how that book led me so carefully through all the steps you used. So many books assume so much of the reader. I can’t tell you how many times digital authors leave out a critical detail or step that they take so for granted, but that has left me totally lost.

And I found many of your photographs in that book very lovely and beautifully reproduced, especially in delicate mid-tones. Kudos to you and your publisher.

I see you love Arches. I lived in Moab for several years with great fondness, and worked with Tom Till, Dan Norris, Norm Shrewsbury, and with a veritable cavalcade of great photographers passing through. It was a great time for me.

Thanks so much, Rob.



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