Posted by: Bruce Proctor | May 17, 2011

“J.C.Penney Blinds”–Poem

J.C.Penney Blinds
by Bruce Proctor

Come with headrails, hardware,
And clear, tilt wand.
Flush-mounted, snap-in brackets.
ReadyMade aluminum grommets.
Top down, bottom up,
Right hand draw.
“Hook and loop, then hang.
No pull cords to tangle.
Length can always be shortened.”

Bamboo vanes,
Basswood slats,
Linen-look vinyl
Vertical blinds,
Embossed or lacquered.
Elegant faux-silk
Double shades with
Half-circle bottom and half-round arch
Offer “privacy while still allowing

Banded savannah solar mesh,
Fringed or unfringed.
Pleated duck with scalloped hem.
“Add a subtle edge
With chic, jute trim.”

Ivory beige,
Silver sage,
Antique linen,
Candle light,
Leaf gold,
Spun lace,
Olive night.

“Sheer-back roman blinds
Facing street-side
Allow light to

* * * * *


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