Posted by: Bruce Proctor | July 24, 2010

A 3-Fold Coincidence: Inner & Outer Universes

07-25-10 Three coincident readings within a few minutes:

1. “He looked at his own Soul with a Telescope. What seemed all irregular, he saw and shewed to be beautiful Constellations; and he added to the Conscousness hidden worlds within worlds.

from Coleridge, Notebooks
Preface heading for Memories, Dreams, Reflections, Carl Jung

2. “Every motion in the world taken separately was calculated and purposeful, but, taken together, they were spontaneously intoxicated with the general stream of life which united them all. People worked and struggled, each set in motion by the mechanism of his own cares. But the mechanisms would not have worked properly had they not been regulated and governed by a higher sense of an ultimate freedom from care. This freedom came from the feeling that all human lives were interrelated, a certainty that they flowed into each other—a happy feeling that all events took place not only on the earth, in which the dead are buried, but also in some other region which some called the Kingdom of God, others history, and still others by some other names.

Dr. Zhivago, Boris Pasternak pp. 12-13

3. Stanley Kunitz, Selected Poems 1928-1958, “The Science of the Night”

I touch you in the night. . .
who are light-years gone.
We are not souls but systems, and we move
In clouds of our unknowing like great nebulae. . .

Dreamer. . .
Whose planetary dust is blowing
Past archipelagoes of myth and light,
What far Magellans are you mistress of. . .?
As through a glass that magnifies my loss
I see the lines of your spectrum shifting red,
The universe expanding, thinning out,
Our worlds flying, oh flying, fast apart. . .

Fall to me now from outer space,
Still fastened desperately to my side;
Through gulfs of streaming air
Bring me the mornings of the milky ways
Down to my threshold in your drowsy eyes. . .”

This last book, from a used book sale, unlike any other book I’ve owned, has underlining that looks very much like my own, and usually, spookily, put just where I would in fact have put it.


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