Posted by: Bruce Proctor | January 1, 2009

Some thoughts on Robert Butts’s “Credo” based on Seth’s Frameworks 1 and 2 material.

This morning I thought I’d dig out this Credo/Visualization, modify and post it a couple places for my own encouragement. Then I thought a reader might find it interesting and helpful too. So here’s the poop.

[Robert Butts’s “Credo” based on Seth’s Frameworks 1 and 2 material. p. 84 “The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events” Prentice Hall 1987:]

I [Robert Butts] wrote a paragraph of suggestions about them [Frameworks 1 and 2]. This spontaneous creation gave me something I could read daily. I’ve pinned copies to walls in both my painting and writing rooms. We [Jane and I] find that a daily casual reading of our respective “credos” is valuable indeed.

“I have the simple, profound faith that anything I desire in this life can come to me from Framework 2. There are no impediments in Framework 2. Framework 2 can creatively produce everything I desire to have in Framework 1—my excellent health, photo and other creative work, the greater sales of all my work. I know that all of these positive goals are worked out in Framework 2, regardless of their seeming complexity, that that they can then show themselves in Framework 1. I have the simple profound faith that everything I desire in life can come to me from the miraculous workings of Framework 2. I do not need to be concerned with details of any kind, knowing that Framework 2 possesses the infinite creative capacity to handle and produce everything I can possibly ask of it. My simple, profound faith in the creative goodness of Framework 2 is all that is necessary.”

My (Bruce’s) notes: What does “my profound, simple faith have to do with it?”

Is it a cop-out?! Just religion in a new guise?

Is faith relaxing into the unknown, like floating on water?

A relinquishing of will?

Later: rather, a softening and harmonizing into my heart and the depths of my being, which is a melting also into the sweetness of all existence and non-existence. Outer and inner are recognized as one. Opening the heart brings us into sweet alignment, joy. And as suggested above, new possibilities.

Or just letting go of skepticism and doubt for a bit.

[A caveat here: it’s also possible that as appealing and as elegant as Seth teachings are, they may finally be just plain wrong. Having a human body can be tough. –Still, his “wrong” is a heck of a lot more interesting than almost anybody else’s “right!”]


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