Posted by: Bruce Proctor | January 1, 2009

“Fear brings failure, faith brings success” – Ernest Holmes

I got a new batch of remaindered books from Edward R. Hamilton in the mail. I was taken with what I could find in the catalog and online about Dan Sullivan’s “The Laws of Lifetime Growth.” This, like so many business coaching books, is pitched shallow and quick, which irritates me. I bought it, though, on the strength of his first Law:

Law One: Always Make Your Future Bigger than Your Past.

Your future is your property. Because it hasn’t happened yet, it exists only in your mind. This means you can choose to make it whatever you want. Making your future bigger than your past is the very act of growth itself: the bigger future is the vision, and growth is what makes it real. A bigger future includes anything that’s an improvement on what’s true now: greater opportunities, contribution, opportunities, quality of life, connectedness.

Most growth happens as a result of many small steps.

“Everything looks like failure in the middle.”

Sometimes growing pains can feel like failure—and sometimes failure can be part of growth. Successful entrepreneurs know this well. Most of them fail before they succeed. Dan likes to refer to his first two bankruptcies as “market research.”

Ask yourself, “If I were sitting here three years from today, looking back on today, what would have to have happened in that time for me to be happy with my progress?

Write down five or ten of your accomplishments from the past year and then think about what would represent further achievement in each area.

I then picked up another, similar new book by Ernest Holmes, whom I’ve never somehow run across before, “Creative Mind and Success,” which I picked up largely on the fact it was published by Tarcher, and my eyes lit on: “Fear brings failure, faith brings success,” and its chance congruence with the other book’s passages took my breath away. It’s faith that bridges the gap between the vision– the idea– and its accomplishment. And this is always the case! How else could the new happen?!


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