Posted by: Bruce Proctor | June 29, 2008

Day 2: Wyoming/Vernal photo trip

If Monday was a day of tugging and pulling misery, Tuesday was a day of the dance of life.

Breakfast in Rock Springs. Nice chat with a birdlike, young, black hostess, with a tiny jewel on the right side of her nose. On the menu, she was eyeing a new, very rich, delicacy for lunch. “I can’t gain weight here,” she told me. “I’m so small, I should buy my clothes in the children’s department.”

South down 191, a remote paved 2-lane: a few semis, motorcycles, travelers. Mostly quiet. Photographing at various pull-offs. It followed the upper stretches of a tundra plateau, beside top ridges still lined with snow. This may be June, but it’s still spring, playing with winter here. Trying an old Nikkor 200 lens. Where that came from I don’t remember.

Coming in to the outpost of Dutch John, through miles of hillsides of black tree skeletons from the forest fire a few years back. The proprietor and his daughter talked maps with me, photographic views, the fire, which you can see licked right up the the edges of town. “We had to get a generator from Rock Springs for electricity to keep the freezers from thawing. We think of the Southern California fire victims with a lot more understanding now.”

The Flaming Gorge Visitor’s Center, right next to the dam, with a couple great geology books on display. Three knowledgeable and enthusiastic young people running it. Tremendously-improved, great (free) state maps from both Wyoming and Colorado.

Late lunch in pinyon/juniper grove, downloaded 2 gigs of photographs onto the laptop on front seat of the truck. Napped, really out of it, for a solid hour, then out to hunt for a night’s campsite.


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