Posted by: Bruce Proctor | June 17, 2008

Learning to photograph again, digitally, with my Nikon D80, at Flaming Gorge

1st Evening & Morning, Flaming Gorge Reservoir

On the drive yesterday from Salt Lake, I stopped off I-80 at an exit overpass to photograph a sky of astounding Wyoming clouds. Much to my consternation, I couldn’t figure out the D80. I bought this Nikon, my first serious digital camera, last fall, but have used it only sporadically. Having shot film for 25 years, I’m so used to not even thinking about the camera that I was completely flumoxed now: enraged really. Soon the cloud formations had morphed and were long gone.

After setting up a late camp at Flaming Gorge, I managed to get a couple shots in the settling dusk.

This morning I didn’t intend to shoot early, but the sun rose and instantly flooded my tent, which got me right out. The light, bright and clear, was very sweet on the land around me. I made simple, unadorned images and liked them, as I leisurely figured out the camera again. No pressure now. And anyway, I know it usually takes me a day or two on a photo trip before I find my full photographic voice again, and just relaxing and settling in seems to be the quickest way to do that.


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