Posted by: Bruce Proctor | June 17, 2008

A Seth reading list primer

Hi Doug,

I appreciate your response to my blog posting on the passing of Robert Butts. It does feel to me like there’s a lucky convergence of forces and friends around the whole thing. My finding and reconnecting with Seth the last couple weeks has proved uncanny in many ways for me. I’ll be posting an example from my recent photo trip in the next couple days.

I also plan to post, and put on Amazon, a suggested reading list for Seth neophytes, in the off-chance that others may find it helpful. On the list I’ll include: Seth Speaks, The Nature of Personal Reality, the first Oversoul Seven novel, The Afterdeath Journals of an American Philosopher (Wm James), and Conversations with Seth by Sue Watkins. They give an overview of my hit on the extraordinary diversity and excellence of the Seth/Roberts/Butts work.

On my trip, I took Mass Events, which I haven’t read in 30 yrs, and the Framework 2 information simply blew me away.

All my best,



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