Posted by: Bruce Proctor | May 29, 2008

Thanks to Robert Butts, Jane Roberts & Seth

I found an active internet newsgroup for the Seth teachings a couple days back, moderated by Robert Butts’s new wife. Amazingly, it seemed he was still alive, all these years after Jane’s death, and so much older than her, to boot. Each day the list is to send me a summary of the day’s postings.

My first posting was last night: Robert had died. What a strange beginning!

I would have thanked him for his and his wife’s work: the psychic adventures, Seth’s teachings–and equal to these, their complete openness in sharing the ups and downs of their whole lives with us. Even though they were chronologically a generation older than my Sixties/Seventies generation, they were entirely of it: unconventional, adventurous, open, without pretense, questioning of authority, playful, daring, democratic, artistic. Of all my favorite writings, theirs–along with May Sarton’s journals–are always the most welcoming and comforting companions. To this day, after thirty years, never having known Jane and Robert personally, I’m still always glad to open one of their books and enter their lives again, as dear friends.



  1. Bruce, I had a similar experience. I had just picked up and read “Seth Speaks” after probably buying it once before as a teenager about 15 years ago and not reading it. Anyway, I finished it, completely related to it, wondered if Robert Butts was still alive, went online and found the same posting site that you found, and read that he had just died one or two days before, probably the very day that I finished the book. I can’t help but think that there was more than coincidence in this timing of my reading the entire book in the space of one week just before Robert Butts died. Now I’m on to the early sessions.

  2. I “inherited” (translation took and never gave back) my first Seth Book from my mother in 1986.
    I had been aware that the book (Seth Speaks) was in our family bookcase since 1972 but when I tried to read it then (as a teenager) I wasn’t ready for it. Since 1986 my then boyfriend/now husband and I have hosted Seth groups over the years and have most of the Seth books in our library. We are both recovered alcoholics and we live our lives through a combination of the Big Book of AA and the Seth books. It continues to be an incredible ride and I thank Jane and Robert for bringing this work into our reality.

  3. Bruce, my feelings exactly about Jane, Robert and Seth; adore all three. Found Elias, successor to Seth, who speaks through Mary Ennis, in 2004; and have been devouring his transcripts ever since, along with re-rereading Seth. Elias takes up and refines much of what Seth has expounded; making it more concrete, detailed, hands-on, day-to-day feasible in small components, tho not with Seth’s stylistic flair.

    Found out a few days ago that Robert had died (or disengaged as Elias puts it). Sense of loss tho still very alive in the books; had just started re-reading The Magical Approach.

    Anyone, does the Seth listing moderated by Robert’s wife still exist? If so, cld I pls have the link?

    Many tnx and best,


  4. Strange coincidences. I also picked up the nature of personal reality after knowing of it for many years and walking past it in second hand shops…then I bought a copy after hearing Esther Hicks references to the material…wondered if Robert was still alive and …here I am !

    I wonder if he wrote his memoirs before re-joining Jane in the Spirit world?

  5. can someone out there tell me when Rob died? I am a long time Sethie…with letters from them both from many years ago. Thanks, Royane

  6. I had known Jane and Rob through of course their writing. I started writing to Jane, and Rob answered because Jane was so busy with all she did. I read her very first book, and then all the rest. During that time I stayed in contact with them both. Rob would send Christmas cards and notes, and some artwork to me, and I would do the same. We became pen pals and it was so grand. Today, I still take out these books and marvel at what is in them. Things have come to pass that Seth or Jane, told of. Today the books are still “timeless.” I kept all the letters and notes and drawings of Robs, they still mean a lot. That he would take time to write what was going on in their lives to me, was so real.

    He sent me a card about Jane dying, and I was so shocked, thinking of how she must have felt going into a hospital after some of the writings about health and doctors. She was a smoker, and I am sure that did not help with some of the problems she had. Here I am now 70, and every word that was written during her time with Seth, I have. I read over the material often, and am still in awe as to what we are all able to tap into if we wake up enough to do that. It seems so many of us are blind to our own potential. Blind about our health, and deaf when it comes to that voice in our head that tells us to listen from within. I had been looking up when Robert died, as the past few years I have not gotten my usual card, and so I could not find anything. Just bits and pieces of his death, but no date, no anything, if you know please let me know. I wrote to his private address in Elmira, but never heard. He was a dear soul and very talented himself. My brother who did work in the para normal and is a scientist, told me about Jane and her book Psychic Politics, and that I should read it. I did, and her upbringing was much like mine. We both had psychic instincts. Stanford University wanted to test me, but I was too chicken, and did not want to end up like Jane, in the public eye, and someone always trying to rip you apart in public, and saying they had Seth in their apartment and he was writing this or that, and so on. Rob was quite upset when this woman started doing some Seth books, and he wrote to me about what was going on. Life happens, we let it, or we orchestrate it. We are the drivers, and there are so many roads.

    Judith Morton

  7. Do you mind if I quote a several of your articles or blog posts as long as I provide credit and
    sources returning to your blog: http://bproc43613.
    I am going to aslo ensure to give you the appropriate anchor-text link using your website title: Thanks to Robert Butts,
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    Please be sure to let me know if this is acceptable with
    you. Thanks alot 🙂

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