Posted by: Bruce Proctor | May 29, 2008

Having CFS, ways I’ve found to access elusive deep sleep

I’m discovering that much of my management of CFS is, even using different methods, giving me access to my exhaustion so I can get restorative sleep, which is usually so damned elusive.

More often than not, when I do 1)The Work, I find peace, freedom from physical pain, understanding– and deep, immediate access to my exhaustion, with sleep following almost immediately.

When I follow 2)taped guided meditations, as I relax (and the better the tape the better it tends to work), I generally pass out into deep sleep, also.

3) Gentle yoga stretching will do this, too, although I don’t use this option often.

And if these don’t work, I usually finally groggily 4)admit defeat and choose to rise to my daily life, knowing that at some point the exhaustion will grow until it overwhelms me, and I’ll be able (or have to) to crash for an hour or two. I will not likely be entirely refreshed. I probably will be spaced out for at least some time afterward. Even if I feel really well, typically there’ll be a dramatic fall-off from it a couple hours later.

But all my tools point directly and exactly into the same place, I discover.


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