Posted by: Bruce Proctor | May 14, 2008

The symphony of daily life

Today was an immensely long day in a series of immensely long days with dozens of tasks and facets: preparing to vacate my apartment for a couple months so it can be remodeled. Taking my truck in to Jerry Lambert for inspection, Dave trailing with his truck to bring me home. Then continueing with Dave cleaning out the darkroom, throwing out stuff, moving boxes to the basement. Crashing. Getting some cool new audio CDs in the mail. Going through some amazing aerial snapshots I took years back. Meeting with Byron over the upcoming remodeling. Meeting with Kristopher about helping me for the next couple weeks.

What’s really interesting about working with others is how much more quickly things happen and how much more fun it is. As well as referring my weaknesses to their strengths. As well as giving me essential rest and ease that at another time in my life I’d never have allowed myself.

I have immense lists of things needing to happen by the end of the month, and it’s amazing how almost everything is in play now, like a Mahler symphony. Still don’t know how it’ll end, but. . . And it’s actually taking care of itself like movie special effects. It feels like an illusion, but it also feels uncannily real, as if an energy or current has picked me up and is just shooting me forward.

What I’m finding fascinating as I try to write about this is that everything in my life that I put attention on now almost explodes with blessings of insight. But who has the time for the words? So the question is: what are the most important?


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