Posted by: Bruce Proctor | May 14, 2008

Studying “Silver Light, So. Desert Overlook”

Last night, going through some aerial snaps and then holding an 11×14 of a print I made last year of the South Desert Overlook in Capitol Reef in silver light. What is so important to me is that a piece not just attract me in, but that it hold me there. The most-satisfying pieces of anybody’s work do that. The silver light one I’d never held in my lap before. I’d liked it as it had been, on the wall, but having it in my lap was a whole other experience. I was amazed at how thorough and resonant an aesthetic experience it was. This is one very fine photograph. There are some technical issues: overall a little dark, the far distance and sky a bit muddy, the horizon horizontal uncertain. But as to holding the eye: it was a lodestone. It grabs me and holds me lovingly but firmly as long as I care to be in its thrall.

Who is going to hold this print in his/her lap? Even I didn’t, till now. Didn’t think of it. Can it be printed so that this experience can be had while it’s on a wall? A larger size, for starters? How would its being framed under glass affect this intimacy? I just never know until I can see it.


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