Posted by: Bruce Proctor | May 11, 2008

My ’70s song recordings, redux

Well, I never thought my old music career would come back to haunt this blog! Glad it has, though!

My old friend and guitar player, Eric Miller, from Shehalis, WA said he’d lost our tapes from back when. I resurrected the 4 I still have, (Eric’s on one with 5 songs). I had them digitally copied by Kristopher in the apartment downstairs last week, and copied them to CD’s for several of our dearest, diehard fans. It was a spooky pleasure to hear the work with new ears after all this time. Hearing surprising strengths– and shortcomings (to hopefully address, at long last). I spruced the CD’s up with labels and so forth (aren’t computers great when they work?!) and mailed them off. It felt great putting this work out into the world even in this modest way, slipping into and adding their energy to the wider currents of the Tao.

I even found an address for Mike Hopkins in Zebulon NC, our White Horse guitar player I haven’t heard from in 30-odd years. (The photo at the bottom of the picture is a current photo of his farm from Google Earth. My god, that brought back memories! :impromptu concerts we gave in a back tobacco shed when we came home from touring! The local kids would use the back tobacco field as a parking lot. Not so good.) Anyway, Mike called two days back, his familiar, soft, slow drawl a delight to hear, and we caught up.


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