Posted by: Bruce Proctor | May 9, 2008

“Wouldn’t it be great if. . . ?!” exercise, from Abraham-Hicks

Wouldn’t it be great if ?!:
. . .

I had a first-rate marketing partner. Someone excited about my work, wanting nothing more than to help me fully realize it and get it out to the public. S/he would be self-motivated, adventurous, capable, full of marketing ideas, and loving to bring them to fruition. She’d pay for herself immediately. She’d love the challenges of connecting with people and bringing money in, and bring a wonderful energy to it all. A true partner, absolutely trustworthy and close friend. Friendly, personable, dynamic, detail-oriented. She’d help me focus. She’d help create a buzz about what we do, help us create work, and get it out to the world to great effect. She’d be a magnet for collaborators, employees, and eager friends and patrons.

She’d help me refine and develop the vision of my work. She’d help me marshal and manage all our resources to complete our projects, always ready to move beyond what we’ve done up till now.

(Now: let this go, and let the magical forces create it!)


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